“Breaking Stereotypes”: 68-Year-Old Woman Defies Age and Beauty Norms as a Model!

The fashion and beauty industry both fascinate and frighten us. It affects our lives even if we don’t want it to, and we can’t escape aging either. Beauty and aging have a complex relationship, but sometimes they can coexist harmoniously.

An inspiring example of this is Setsuko Saito, also known as Rosa, from Brazil. She defied stereotypes about beauty and aging by becoming a model at the age of 68.

Rosa has always had a great sense of style and a love for beauty. In her childhood, she explored singing, drawing, and poetry.

However, pursuing a career in the arts was not possible for her as she had to take care of her bedridden mother and raise three children on her own.

Years went by, and it seemed like Rosa’s life wouldn’t change much. But one day, she received modeling offers from the Mega modeling agency and a photographer. After thinking it over for a year, Rosa decided to give modeling a try.

Despite her limited knowledge of the industry, Rosa didn’t let that stop her.

She found her calling and has been a successful model for several years. She often appears in magazine shoots and fashion shows.

To maintain her appearance, Rosa stays active in sports and takes good care of her skin. She also focuses on her spirituality and mental well-being, believing that they are essential for a person’s beauty.

Although Rosa admits that, like any woman, she sometimes wishes she could change things about herself, she believes that what truly matters is the content within, not just the external appearance.

Rosa dislikes beauty standards from both the past and present. However, she is optimistic that the fashion industry will eventually change for the better.

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“Breaking Stereotypes”: 68-Year-Old Woman Defies Age and Beauty Norms as a Model!
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