Shailene loоks grеаt in a biкini. This is not the same timid tееnager

Shailene loоks grеаt in a biкini. This is not the same timid tееnager

Actress Shailene Woodley is known for her wide range of acting roles, from the small screen to the big screen! However, she is also an icon when it comes to flaunting her own style, whether she’s at red carpet events or enjoying time by the water. And when Shailene is soaking up the sun, she looks amazing in any biкini or swimsսit.

In May 2021, the California native brought her ex-fiancé Aaron Rodgers on a double date getaway to Hawaii with pals Miles Teller and his wife, Keleigh Sperry. During one of their outings, Shailene sported a royal purple two-piece.

This wasn’t the first time the brunette beauty had visited Hawaii. She previously filmed her film debut The Descendants in a few locations across the islands, including Honolulu. Since her character was a resident of Hawaii, she rocked a few swimsսits throughout the movie.

When it comes to life by the sea, the Secret Life of the American Teenager alum has shared her passion about environmental issues — specifically through advocating for clean water. In a September 2019 Instagram post, Shailene expanded on how involved she is in the movement.

“Have I made it clear yet how passionate I am about protecting our oceans???” she began in her lengthy caption alongside a photo of her rocking a black, plunging V-neck swimsսit.

“The threat of plastics in our seas not only affects marine life, but it affects human lives as well. This is a CRISIS, and we must work on all fronts to combat the silent emergency we’re in. One vital piece of the puzzle is cleaning up beaches and coasts in order to prevent the disturbing cycle of plastics going back into the sea.”

Toward the end of her note, Shailene encouraged her followers to “get involved” in the mission to maintain clean oceans.

“Time to walk the talk and leave a comment on how you are going to help to make a difference and back our oceans,” the Big Little Lies actress concluded.

In another sustainability-related social media post, Shailene vocalized her support for the Earthshot Prize, a campaign launched by Prince William that financially stimulates projects and technology aimed to combat climate change. “I can’t stop watching their series on YouTube,” the actress wrote of the Earthshot initiative. “My heart is full,” she continued, clearly indicating that her dedication to climate activism runs deep.

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Shailene loоks grеаt in a biкini. This is not the same timid tееnager
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