Delilah shokes everyone with a seethrough dress with nothing underneath

Delilah shokes everyone with a seethrough dress with nothing underneath

The model also showed off her long blonde hair as she walked leaving the venue of her fun-filled event.

Delilah Hamlin made headlines last week when she dressed sexily on her 25th birthday. The daughter of Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin celebrated her birthday this week with a party in West Hollywood,

CA, and was caught strolling outside the venue in a long sheer nude and black sleeveless dress under a black leather jacket. She also wore matching black knickers that was seen beneath the dress, and she wore some of her long blonde hair back and some down.

The stunning lady accessorised with gold necklaces and earrings and used light makeup to highlight her best features. She completed her ensemble with black strappy heels and smiled to onlookers as she walked among friends.

Delilah’s birthday party comes after she made headlines last week when she made her red carpet debut with beau Henry Eikenberry. The couple joyfully posed for photos at the premiere of The Crowded Room in New York City, NY.

They were both dressed in all black, with her wearing a sleeveless long sheer dress with a cutout part at the back and him wearing a jacket over a button-down top and trousers.

When Delilah isn’t attracting attention for her clothing or dating life, she’s attracting attention for other aspects of her life. She recently turned to Instagram to admit to having chronic health concerns, writing a lengthy post over a photo of her arm with an IV in it.

“I haven’t really spoken on my health lately, and if you’re new here, you’re probably confused, but for the past few years, I’ve been struggling with autoimmune/chronic illness issues that I’ve been silently battling and overcoming,” she explained.

Although she did not identify which sickness or illnesses she was suffering, she did open up about coming a long way despite her hardships and advised others to keep positive when dealing with their own issues.

“It’s definitely been difficult mentally as well as physically,” she added. “I’ve stayed quiet because I don’t want to be cast in a’sick’ role.” I’ve faced and overcome a lot, and I know I’m going through this for a reason, and that reason is to share what I’ve learned with you.”

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Delilah shokes everyone with a seethrough dress with nothing underneath
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